Missouri Agency picks LTCI to Lead Technology Initiative

Mid-East Area Agency on Aging (MEAAA) has engaged Long Term Care Innovation, Inc. (LTCI) to lead a strategic technology initiative. Designed to position MEAAA for success in a rapidly changing LTSS landscape, the project has been funded through a grant from the Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis.

MEAAA has provided services and information to people age 60 and older and their caregivers for 40+ years. As the agency looks strategically ahead, numerous changes and challenges are on the horizon. Many of these changes will require new ways of doing business, including having the capability to effectively demonstrate the efficacy of its programs and drive toward desired outcomes for its payers and the clients they serve together. MEAAA seeks to remain the premier provider of home- and community-based long-term services and supports (LTSS) for seniors in greater St. Louis. Doing so will require working with new healthcare partners and payers in innovative ways, while adjusting to excel with existing programs and partners.

MEAAA's focus is expected to center on population health management, analytics and integrations. Commencing in October, work on the initiative will continue into 2018.

MEAAA is determined to leverage data strategically, be outcomes-driven, succeed with performance-based payment models and demonstrate the effectiveness of services, supports and its model of care. MEAAA recognizes that being positioned to do so will require careful research, planning and execution.

The landscape for modern Healthcare IT is complex, with many options for population health management/Electronic Health Records, analytics and integration. Adding to this complexity is the unique nature of home and community-based services (HCBS) and LTSS, which drives the need for specialized data elements, measures and workflows. MEAAA has turned to LTCI for assistance with clarifying objectives, documenting requirements and evaluating options to assure decisions are well-informed with the greatest probability of success and best use of precious resources.

“We believe having access to meaningful, timely data across the whole care team will be vitally important for us and our clients,” said Mary Schaefer, MEAAA Executive Director. “LTCI’s laser focus on technology for HCBS will help us get there.”

“Our work with LTSS stakeholders has made two things clear,” said LTCI president Tom Laba. “Health IT is changing fast and the need for actionable data and effective automation is quickly becoming essential for LTSS. We’re excited to be working with the MEAAA team on this important effort.”

In 2016, Mid-East Area Agency on Aging celebrated its 43rd year as a not-for-profit agency that provides services and information to people age 60 and older and their caregivers. MEAAA services, programs, resources and assistance are offered to older adults living in the counties of St. Louis, Jefferson, Franklin and St. Charles. Website: https://agingmissouri.org

Long Term Care Innovation, Inc. (LTCI) helps LTSS stakeholders to leverage data and automation. LTCI's consulting and data integration services enable HCBS organizations get data and technology right.