Making 2+2=5

Strategic partnerships allow Long Term Care Innovation to better serve LTSS customers, complementing our core strengths in LTSS with those of our top-tier partners. Together we provide deeper capabilities, increased capacity, and even better value.

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University of Massachusetts Medical School

As strategic partners, Commonwealth Medicine/UMass Medical School and LTCI combine their experience, qualifications, and capacity in addressing marketplace demand for long-term services and supports (LTSS) solutions. The partners' blended services package helps customers achieve results in utilization management, network development and member continuity, data management, data integration services, analytics, business intelligence, and LTSS business-product solutions aimed at creating cost containment, improving outcomes and measuring efficacy.

More than a medical school, UMass provides health care consulting, cost containment solutions, and operational support to more than 100 public-sector and private organizations in 28 states. They offer strategies and solutions to reduce overall health care spend, improve outcomes and address access issues. In 2016, UMass launched TrendFinder LTSS™, a data analytics platform, that culls and aggregates diverse data from multiple systems and agencies, empowering health and human services, as well as private organization decision makers, to accurately anticipate future demand and keep a close watch on costs, while also safeguarding quality and program integrity.

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LTCI and VorroHealth have partnered to deliver a new managed service designed to help home and community-based services (HCBS) stakeholders easily share data and be interoperable. LTSS DataLink® is specially designed to make sharing data easy and affordable for HCBS organizations. Powered by VorroHealth's BridgeGate data exchange technology, LTCI's turn-key managed data integration service off-loads responsibility for configuring, testing and maintaining connections to any internal or third-party systems (complete with 24/7 monitoring) with an affordable subscription fee and low one-time setup cost.

VorroHealth provides robust, scalable integration solutions that connect disparate applications and technologies. The BridgeGateHealth™ any-to-any integration platform handles very complex data with virtually no coding required, reducing the complexity and length of integration projects to weeks or days resulting in lower costs.

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Community Based Networks

Community Based Networks helps Community Based Organizations (CBOs) develop the capabilities for contracting with health care organizations to improve the social health needs of their members/patients.

Community Based Networks accomplishes this in three ways:

  • Development - Facilitation of business development between community-based organizations and payers. Customers use the Community Based Networks business development application to locate and match with what payers are funding.
  • Processes - Workflow efficiency is crucial to maximizing cash flow. Community Based Networks establishes Automated Workers to minimize data entry within and across applications, removing programming bottlenecks from intake to exit, and reconciling billing practices.
  • Intelligence - To justify the business case for providing services, Community Based Networks consolidates data from internal and external data sources, conducts analysis, and presents a series of dashboards for stakeholders to pinpoint their impact on the populations they are serving.

Community Based Networks creates the infrastructure connecting health and social care.