Missouri Aging Services Data Collaborative Wins ACL Challenge Grants

LTCI teamed up with the Missouri Association of Area Agencies on Aging (MA4) and the University of Missouri, St. Louis (UMSL) to create the Missouri Aging Services Data Collaborative (MASDC) – and were Phase 1 and 2 awardees for the ACL Challenge Grant: Innovative Technology Solutions for Social Care Referrals. We’re changing how AAAs share data and get a seat at the healthcare IT table.

As the collaboration hub for ACL Challenge Grant winner MASDC, the Cumulus platform is pushing the interoperability envelope on behalf of AAAs. To encourage data sharing with healthcare, state agencies and community partners Cumulus and MASDC developed a groundbreaking set of standards to help AAAs share data in a uniform way nationwide.

The net result of this modern data sharing approach is that AAAs can approach any state agency, health plan, MCO or partner offering off-the-shelf modern data sharing, speaking the same language the big Health IT players speak. This removes the interoperability obstacle from the discussion, positioning AAAs to negotiate for a seat at the healthcare table.

The Aging Services Data Set and Interoperability Standards (ASDIS) establishes a framework for how AAAs can share data using HL7 FHIR standards that align with eLTSS and Gravity Project standards. To Health IT stakeholders, this means when using ASDIS, AAAs are ready from data sharing prime time.