Data Sharing Made Easy

Affordable HCBS Data Integration-as-a-Service 

LTSS DataLink® helps HCBS stakeholders share data and be interoperable. This affordably priced managed service makes data sharing easy for integration with Payers, Partners and HIEs, aggregrating EVV data from multiple sources and connecting internal data silos.

Share Data with Payers, Partners and HIEs

LTSS DataLink provides interoperability with partners, payers and HIEs
LTCI's LTSS DataLink® is a reasonably-priced, managed data integration service allowing stakeholders to offload the responsibility for setting up, testing and maintaining data interfaces while helping them be easy to do business with. 
The combination of its system-agnostic "any-to-any" data transformation technology and its “Data Integration-as-a-Service” approach helps LTSS DataLink® deliver strong value for HCBS stakeholders.
Rather than asking subscribers and their partners to create custom interfaces to specific specifications, LTSS DataLink® accepts and sends data in whatever formats are most convenient for each organization.  This makes sharing data achievable more quickly and with less effort.
The LTSS DataLink® managed service is powered on the backend by BridgeGate, the data exchange technology used by HIEs, healthcare organizations and other industries nationwide to securely manage data integrations supporting tens of millions of transactions per month. BridgeGate's unique design allows LTCI to setup, test and maintain connections quickly and efficiently - making real-world data sharing doable in less time, with less effort for subscribers and their partners.  
LTSS DataLink® - Data Sharing Made Easy
  • Managed data integration service
  • One affordable subscription fee
  • Low one-time setup costs
  • Achieves interoperability without replacing legacy systems
  • Cloud-based, secure infrastructure
  • Compatible with current and emerging data exchange formats, including HL7, JSON, NCPDP, CDA, CCD, DICOM, RLS, FHIR, APIs, EDIs and traditional legacy formats
  • Minimal impact on subscriber/partner resources
  • Quick setup timelines
  • Allows integration among internal systems
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Specialists in unique LTSS data sets

EVV Data Sharing Made Easy

LTSS DataLink provides interoperability with EVV solutions
Use of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is growing rapidly, including for compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act. Integrating data from multiple EVV solutions used by a diverse group of providers can be a significant challenge.  It can also require investment of substantial financial and administrative resources, on both a one-time and ongoing basis.
Leveraging LTSS DataLink® to integrate with multiple EVV solutions is an attractive solution. Subscribers avoid the need to publish and manage specific data exchange formats to be used by the providers' EVV vendors. Rather, LTCI will create and maintain a reusable interface with the agency's system(s) while accepting data in whatever formats are most convenient for each EVV solution. The required data is transformed through BridgeGate into the agency's format without a need for intervention by agency staff or contractors. If the agency wishes to return data to the providers, LTSS DataLink® will manage that exchange in the same manner, allowing each partner to connect using its preferred format.

Connect Internal Data Silos

LTSS DataLink makes internal systems interoperable
LTSS DataLink® helps stakeholders connect disparate internal systems and data silos. Many organizations struggle to access actionable data, suffer from lack of integration and are forced to absorb duplicative data entry tasks due to disconnected data repositories, including legacy systems. LTSS DataLink® helps tie internal systems together, making even legacy systems interoperable with other internal systems.
In addition to subscription services, LTCI offers various consulting services to help LTSS organizations get the most out of technology. Click here to learn more.