Long Term Care Innovation, Inc. and VorroHealth Launch Data Integration Service for HCBS – LTSS Data

Long Term Care Innovation, Inc. (LTCI) and VorroHealth have partnered to deliver a new managed service designed to help home and community-based services (HCBS) stakeholders easily share data and be interoperable.

Success in today’s healthcare environment demands interoperability among payers, partners and providers. But many Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) organizations struggle with limited resources, legacy internal systems, multiple partners/payers with complex data exchange formats, fluid requirements and datasets that are unique to LTSS.

LTSS DataLink® is specially designed to make sharing data easy and affordable for HCBS organizations. Powered by VorroHealth’s BridgeGate data exchange technology, LTCI’s turn-key managed data integration service off-loads responsibility for configuring, testing and maintaining connections to any internal or third-party systems (complete with 24/7 monitoring) with an affordable subscription fee and low one-time setup cost.

Leveraging BridgeGate’s cloud-based secure infrastructure, LTCI’s LTSS DataLink® helps subscribers achieve interoperability without having to replace legacy systems and with rapid setup timelines. The unique LTSS DataLink® model minimizes demands on both subscriber and partner resources, helping make it easy to do business with HCBS entities and positioning them for success. Subscribers and their partners aren’t asked to adapt to custom formats – LTSS DataLink® will work with whatever formats are easiest for them, including their vendors’ proprietary formats, modern HIT formats and even legacy formats like comma-separated values (.csv) and Excel (.xls). LTCI’s staff uses BridgeGate’s “any-to-any” data exchange technology to securely translate data behind the scenes.

“Everywhere we turn, we keep hearing the same message from HCBS stakeholders – it’s critical to be sharing data among payers, partners and providers and to eliminate silos internally, but the cost and complexity have us stuck,” said John Byer, CEO of Long Term Care Innovation. “LTSS DataLink® enables HCBS organizations to securely solve this important need simply and at an affordable price.”

There’s increasing focus on post-acute care, including LTSS, and for good reason. LTSS is a fast-growing healthcare sector consuming an increasing share of the national healthcare spend. Payers and providers are aggressively pursuing models-of-care driven by quality measures to improve outcomes and control costs. At the same time, the datasets for LTSS are highly specialized compared to those for primary and acute care, making data integration that much more complex. LTCI’s LTSS DataLink® managed service is supported by LTSS-oriented staff leveraging technology configured to exchange LTSS datasets.

Billy Waldrop, BridgeGate Division President, says “we are excited about our partnership with LTCI. “There is a definite need for affordable innovation in the LTSS market. We look forward to partnering with LTCI to remove these integration barriers.”

LTSS DataLink® positions subscribers to make existing systems interoperable with the most modern partner systems, even when subscribers’ systems use legacy technologies. LTSS DataLink®, powered by BridgeGate, is compatible with current and emerging data exchange formats, including HL7, JSON, NCPDP, CDA, CCD, DICOM, RLS, APIs, EDIs and traditional legacy formats.

For more information contact LTCI at info@ltcinnovation.com.

Long Term Care Innovation, Inc. helps Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) stakeholders to leverage data and automation. LTCI's consulting and data integration services help home and community-based services (HCBS) organizations align actionable data, quality measures and technology with strategic objectives.

VorroHealth provides robust, scalable integration solutions that connect disparate applications and technologies. The BridgeGateHealth™ any-to-any integration platform handles very complex data with virtually no coding required, reducing the complexity and length of integration projects to weeks or days resulting in lower costs. For more information visit VorroHealth at www.vorrohealth.com.